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Subject:Running Syncrify inside a closed network
Creation date:10/5/17 9:13 AM
Last modified on:10/5/17 9:13 AM

Running Syncrify inside a closed network

Often companies run Syncrify inside a closed network that does not have access to the Internet. Although Syncrify does not need Internet to run, it does connect to Synametrics' web server in occasionally. This is done when:
  • You first install Syncrify and it needs to register, which fetches a serial number
  • Checks for new updates to the software
Syncrify will not let you proceed unless you register it. Since your Syncrify is unable to get to the Internet, you can manually register it by clicking here. The actual serial number will be sent to you via email once you fill out the form on this page. Enter that serial number manually in Syncrify.

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