Branding Help Tips in Syncrify Client

The interface of Syncrify Client contains links that lead to a website explaining more details about input fields in the GUI. Consider the following image as an example.

The question mark icons you see in the screenshot above lead to a helpful tip. Using the instructions below, you can configure where these links go.

Steps To Configure

  • Initiate Client Branding by clicking ISP Branding in Syncrify Server.
  • Click Branding Syncrify Client.
  • Without branding, the link to show details about the Enable versioning field will go to Let's assume you want to change this to
  • Two fields control how the links get modified.
    • Help URL - this is used to specify the first part of the URL. For our example, this will be
    • Tip URL - this should refer to a downloadable text file containing a list of file names. Download a template file from here. This text file contains name-value pairs for every tip that is displayed in the GUI.
  • Create necessary help files on your website representing these pages.


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