Branding Changes Syncrify v4.3

Syncrify got a fresh new facelift in version 4.3. As a results, two additional images are required when branding the web interface of Syncrify Server. Following changes are made as far as branding is concerned

Login Page

The Login Page, which is the first page users will stumble upon, has been drastically simplified. It contains an image on towards the top.

The file name for this image is inherited from previous versions. Therefore, if you were using an image earlier that was displayed on the upper right hand corner, that image is now used on the Login Page. Click here for a screen shot.

This image must be 315 pixels wide and 112 pixels high.

Application Logo

This is a small image that gets displayed on the upper left-hand corner of every page once user is logged in. The new interface has two modes: Expanded Menu and Collapsed Menu. A smaller image is displayed when menu are collaped. Refer to the images below for an example:

This images must be 100 pixels wide and 35 pixels high.
Expanded Menu
This images must be 35 pixels wide and 35 pixels high.
Collapsed Menu


You will need 3 images if you wish to use Server-Side Branding in Syncrify:
  1. An image for the Login Windows - 315 (W) x 112 (H)
  2. An application logo when menus are expanded - 100 (W) x 35 (H)
  3. Another application logo when menus are collaped - 35 (W) x 35 (W)
All of these images must be stored in $INSTALL_DIR/branding folder on the machine where Syncrify Server is running. You must specify the names of these files under Server Branding section of the web interface.


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