Do I have to build every file?

When a request is submitted to create a branded client, the Syncrify Server running on your end submits an HTTP request to Synametrics' web server, which creates the actual installer files for different operating systems. There are two types of request:

  • Every File - This option is used when creating a branded client the first time.
  • Only necessary files - This option is used once initial branded client files already exist on your Syncrify Server.

The custom installation files are stored in $INSTALL_DIR/customClient folder on the machine where Syncrify Server is installed. When you submit a request for the first time, close to 325MB of files get downloaded to your machine. Subsequent requests to rebuild the custom installer only needs to change one file: $INSTALL_DIR/customClient/SyncrifyClient.jar Therefore, to save network bandwidth, your Syncrify server will only request this one file, which is around 3MB.

A Syncrify Client will pull the new client on it's end if it sees a newer file on Syncrify Server and therefore, will always use the latest version.


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