Creating Snapshots on Azure

Syncrify allows you to create backup snapshots on an Microsoft Azure Storage Share.

Steps to configure Azure Storage

Use the following steps to configure a Storage Share on Azure.
  • Log in using the admin account into Syncrify Server's web interface
  • Click Configuration
  • Select Cloud Services under More Configuration Options on the upper right hand side
  • Select Microsoft Azure Storage for the Provider field
  • Enter a friendly name. This can be any arbitrary value you decide. Do NOT use any special character or punctuations for this value
  • Enter Connection String, which is assigned by Microsoft. See below for instructions.
  • Click Create

Steps to get Connection String

  • The following steps assumes you are familiar with Azure and particularly Storage Accounts. It also assumes you have already have an account with Microsoft. Click here if you do not have an account yet.
  • Log in to your Azure portal ( and select Storage accounts on the left panel.
  • Add a new Storage account
  • Click the newly create account
  • Click Access keys under Settings
  • Microsoft creates two access keys and recommends you recreate them after some time. You will have to repeat this process when you recreate the keys.
  • Copy one of the Connection string and paste it into Syncrify server's web interface.


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