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Subject:Aborting backups in Syncrify
Creation date:11/1/17 4:49 AM
Last modified on:12/11/18 11:40 AM

Aborting Backups in Syncrify

Scheduled backups run in the background without any visual indication on the client's end. Since these backups do not have a visual interface, abort a running backup can be puzzling.

There are two ways to abort a running backup job:

Server Side

  • Log in as admin
  • You will see active jobs on the main page. Click the magnifying glass next to the desired job
  • Click Terminate on the following screen

Client Side

  • You will need Telnet Client on the machine. You may have to enable this feature in Windows, which is done through Turn Windows features on or off
  • Open a Command Prompt and type the following command
    telnet localhost 53110
  • This will connect to the running job in the background. Once connected, type abort at the prompt

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