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Subject: Running Syncrify Client on Windows XP and 2003
Creation date: 9/16/18 3:19 PM
Last modified on: 12/12/18 4:14 PM

Running Syncrify Client on Windows XP and 2003

The latest Syncrify Client uses JRE 1.8, which is not supported on Windows XP and 2003. As a result, the latest version of Syncrify Client will not work on Windows 2003 or XP.


Use the following steps install an older version of Syncrify Client.

  • Uninstall existing Syncrify Client. Make sure to remove every file from the $INSTALL_DIR, which is typically set to C:\Program Files\SyncrifyBackupClient. This ensures the newer JRE is completely removed.
  • Download build 749 from the following links:
  • Build 749 uses JRE 1.7, which works on Windows 2003.
  • Files for Syncrify Client are stored in two locations: Installation Folder and Data Folder. Every configuration is stored in the Data Folder. Therefore, reinstalling Syncrify does not make changes to any configuration and your backup profiles will stay intact.

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