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Can I install it with other web server?

SynaMan includes a built-in web server and does not need any other server on the machine. However, you can definitely install it on a machine that is already running an existing web server such as Apache or Microsoft IIS.

Web servers usually listen on TCP/IP port 80. If you have another server listening on this port, you will have to leave SynaMan running on port 6060. SynaMan can be configured to listen on two ports. Therefore, if port 80 is available, you can certainly have SynaMan respond to clients on this port

Accessing SynaMan from other web server

Most web servers allow reverse proxy, which can be used to sit between the end-user and SynaMan.  When a reverse proxy sits in the middle, the end user always talks to your existing web server, which then proxies the request on client's behave to SynaMan.

This mechanism provides a seamless way of integrating SynaMan with your existing web server. Refer to the documentation of your web server to see if it supports reverse proxy and for implementation instructions.

Reverse Proxy


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