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Who can use SynaMan?

SynaMan can be used by any company or individual needing to share files with other users on the Internet. Since using SSL with HTTPS SynaMan provides a secure way of moving files from one end to another without getting any third-party ever get involved.

Here are some usage scenarios.


Companies can use SynaMan if they have clients who need to upload or download files directly to their network. Although possibilities are end-less, here is a list of some industries where SynaMan is being used.
  • Law firms
  • Graphic and web designers
  • Photographers
  • Print and reproduction houses.
  • Civil engineering companies
  • Transcript agencies
  • Film and TV production
  • Insurance companies/agencies
  • Consultancy firms

Project repository

SynaMan serves as an excellent tool for artifact repository. Consider a team of individuals working on a project. They can not only share files with on an another, the system can generate emails to everyone on the team when a new file is either uploaded or downloaded.

The administrator can decide which member have read/write access and which ones have read-only.


Individuals can access files saved on their home machine from any other machine available on the Internet. Best of all, the personal edition of SynaMan is free.


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