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Installing SynaMan on USB Flash Drive

Follow the steps below to install SynaMan on a USB flash drive. These steps assume you are using SynaMan on a Windows machine and the USB drive is on the F: drive.

  1. Install SynaMan on a regular Windows machine, which copies necessary files to the local hard disk required to run SynaMan
  2. Once installation is complete, copy the entire SynaMan folder to the USB drive. For example, if the path on your local disk is C:\SynaMan, copy this folder to F:\SynaMan. You can change the target folder name on the USB to any location. That is it as far as copying files and installation is concerned

Starting and stopping SynaMan

You cannot use Windows service to start/stop SynaMan that is running on a USB drive. To start SynaMan double click on run.bat file that is present in F:\SynaMan folder. Double clicking a batch file brings up the DOS window for a split second. Since SynaMan runs in the background, there is no visual indication that it is running. You need to type the http://localhost:6060 in the browser to connect to it.

To stop SynaMan, login to the web interface and type the following URL:

Some Caveats

Since SynaMan running on a USB drive is not registered with the operating system, you need to keep the following in mind:
  • You cannot restart SynaMan from the web interface. This is because the web interface tries to restart Windows Service, which tries to restart the copy on your hard disk, not USB drive 
  • You might have to "Unblock" any firewall messages displayed by the operating system.


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