Small and mid-sized business

Many businesses today are either based on digital content or are driven by digital content. The ability to provide an online environment for your employees, partners, and customers to share and collaborate on this digital content is a key driver to your business's success. SynaMan provides a simple, yet powerful solution where you can create accounts for your users and control the access that they have to the content collaboration environment.

Make the World Your Office

SynaMan lets you work from anywhere; office, home, across town, or across the world and be more productive. Upload and download files from any Internet-connected PC. Browse files on a remote machine just as you would on your desktop at work. Copy, Move, Rename, and Delete folders and files.

Collaborate with clients

SynaMan provides a fast, easy, efficient and secure way to collaborate online with clients or other business associates by creating separate user accounts with customized privileges. You decide what folders they can see and define permissions for each folder per each user. Occasional users don't need to have an account. By creating public links you can have these users upload or download files to the host machine.

Secure and safe

SynaMan provides a safe and reliable mechanism for your critical business data that can be accessed anytime from anywhere with Internet access - whenever you need it. Files on your machine are never transferred to any other machine or network. You decide who needs access and that is it.

Share information with associates

Allow your project team to easily browse through your folders in a central repository. Forget about sending large email attachments to your colleagues. Simply upload necessary artifacts to a host machine running SynaMan, the system will automatically send emails notifying other team members about the uploaded files.



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