File Sharing Solutions for IT Managers

The job of the IT Manager is one that is often thankless and taken for granted. Managing users, finding and implementing services that people will use and dealing with constant emergencies are all part of daily routines that need attention. SynaMan is designed with the IT Manager in mind. We appreciate the level of responsibility and the importance of the IT Manager and have designed our product to assist with very complicated tasks in the simplest and most user friendly environment. SynaMan offers the best solution for your organizations information security needs, business connectivity, project management and collaboration needs. The following is a highlight of the features most IT Managers like about SynaMan
  • Users management & audit-trail reporting
  • Secure & fast upload/download
  • Web based client - all you need is a browser
  • File upload/download notification
  • Online collaboration
  • Share Privately or Publicly
  • Easy to use web interface


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