File Sharing Solution for advertising agencies

Interactive advertising agencies must continually share and collaborate on the creation of digital content with their customers and partners. Draft versions must be shown to customers in a simple and easy to use way. Often the experience of sharing content can involve multiple emails, complex FTP usage, or mailing of CDs. All these methods are ineffective and provide a poor customer experience.

SynaMan provides the solution for helping interactive advertising agencies effectively manage the challenges of working with rich media content. SynaMan provides access to important files on your network to anyone using a web browser.

Key features of the SynaMan are:
  • A secure online environment for sharing all formats of digital content
  • Ability to provide secure access to the content to those collaborating on content creation
  • Access to content anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Publish draft and final versions for simple reviewing by customers
  • On Demand solution with enterprise class reliability and scalability


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