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Subject:SMTP server for SynaMan
Creation date:4/14/10 5:52 PM
Last modified on:11/8/18 11:03 AM

SMTP server for out-bound emails

Outbound emails are sent to an SMTP server. When you use emails clients like MS Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird, you have to configure the SMTP server, which is usually provided by either your ISP or the system administrator in your company.

Below is a list of some major ISPs and email service providers that you can use to specify an SMTP server.
Provider Name SMTP Server Port User Name Security
Google 587 Help TLS
Hotmail 587 TLS
Yahoo 465 YourEmail without
Verizon 25 Your user id None
Comcast 25 Your user id None
1and1 25 Your user id None
AOL 25 Your user id None
Optimum Online 25 None
Time warner cable Every state is assigned a different server. Click here to search None

If you do not have an option of using any of the above listed servers, contact your ISP or the system administrator in your company to get the actual values.

NOTE: We need your help in providing a list of major ISPs in countries other than the United States. Please contact us at if you have this information for other major ISPs.

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Posted by Daniel Covington on 1/16/15 11:22 AM

Comcast port is 465 with ssl encryption

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