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Subject: Shared folders
Creation date: 11/13/09 11:56 AM
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Shared folders

Shared folders are virtual folders that reference physical folders on the hard drive of the host machine. Similar to a Windows shortcut, a shared folder is only an alias for the real folder.

The purpose of a shared folder is to hide the actual path from the end user, which is done for security purposes. When a user connects to a host machine, they only see that part of your hard drive that you decide to share. Since the end-user never knows the actual path, they cannot navigate to any other directory.

Security Restrictions

Before displaying the contents of any folder, SynaMan ensures the requested path is part of the currently selected shared folder. If the path does not match, it generates a security alert that is sent to the administrator. This measure prevents users from navigating to some well-known folders, such as:
  • C:\Windows
  • C:\Program Files
  • /etc - (on UNIX and Linux machines)

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