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Is transferring files secure?

Absolutely. SynaMan is built with security in mind. Several built-in measures ensure the file transfers as well as user access is secure. The following section lists some of these measures.

Secure Socket Layer (HTTP over SSL)

SSL in an industry standard and recognized mechanism to secure data on the Internet. It is essentially a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the Internet or an internal network. File transfers as well as user access between machine can be encrypted using SSL. You decide the type of certificate and encryption level you need and SynaMan will use that to secure the communication channel.

User ID and Password

User access is restricted by a login id and passwords. Built-in security mechanisms detect if someone is trying to guess user id and passwords and preemptively blocks them from damaging the host machine. Additionally, alerts are generated via email when such intrusion is detected.

IP Address Restriction

Users can be restricted by their IP address, which prevents any unwanted access and takes security to a higher level.

No third-party gets involved

Files on your machine are never uploaded to a third-party server. They stay on the host machine and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Many companies offer competing solution that require you to upload files to their server. These uploaded files are then downloaded by the intended user. This never happens when you use SynaMan.

Audit-trail logging

SynaMan provides extensive logging, which includes login attempts, file upload, download and directory listing. These logs are extremely helpful in back-tracing any user's action on your host machine.


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