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Subject:Trial for SynaMan Professional
Creation date:12/4/09 3:43 AM
Last modified on:5/31/11 3:59 PM

Trial for SynaMan Professional/Enterprise

Often users ask us if they can download a trial version of SynaMan Professional or Enterprise. Well, the Personal edition can be used as a trial for SynaMan Professional/Enterprise.

For the first 30 days, every feature that comes with SynaMan Enterprise is available to use. This is called the Trial period and allow users to explore the features that come with the Enterprise edition of SynaMan. Therefore, if you want to see how SynaMan Professional/Enterprise works, just download SynaMan Personal edition.

Once you are ready to purchase SynaMan Professional, we will send you a serial number that will convert your existing installation from Personal to either Professional or Enterprise.

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Posted by pizzio jean-philippe on 7/29/13 10:35 AM

i have buy syncrify for isp and i want expand my business with synaman

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