SynaMan can generate email messages to the administrator when a user either downloads or uploads a file. There are two types of notifications:
  • Global Notifications
  • Folder-based

Global Notifications

When you specify one or more email addresses for global notification, SynaMan will send an email to the desired recipient whenever someone downloads or uploads a file. The location of the file does not matter. Therefore, the actual file can be in any:
  • Shared folder
  • User's home directory
  • Public link
Creating global notification
Following steps demonstrate how to create global notifications:
  • Login using the admin account
  • Click Manage Shared Folders
  • Click Global Notifications
  • The name window asks two questions:
    1. Recipients - Specify one or more email address separated by a comma where emails are sent
    2. Email subject - Subject of the email message. This field can take the following parameters, which are replaced at runtime:

      $EVENT - This is replaced by "Upload" or "Download"
      $USER - This is replaced by user's login ID
      $CLIENT_IP - This is replaced by the client's IP address


Following rules apply when you create notifications for a particular shared folder:
  • Notifications can only be applied to a shared folder
  • Email are sent when files are transferred for the entire folder tree, including deeper folders
  • You can specify unlimited email address for notification for one shared folder

Steps to enable

  • Login to SynaMan's web interface using the admin account
  • Manage Shared Folders. Click here for a screen shot
  • Click Notifications link for the desired folder
  • Specify the email address to notify on the following screen
  • Select the event: either Upload or Download
  • Click Create


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