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Document ID:1173
Subject:No shared folder found
Creation date:12/22/09 11:17 AM
Last modified on:12/22/09 11:42 AM

Unable to associate shared folders


When you try to add folders to a user, you get the following message.


You must create at least one non-public folder before associating them to a user. A non-public folder is a folder where Public Read and Public Write are not checked.

IMPORTANT You cannot explicitly associate a public folder to a user. They are added to every user automatically at run time. Therefore, if every folder in your system is created as public, you won't be able to associate them to any user.

Distinguishing the two types

SynaMan displays public as well as non-public folders on the same screen. Since you cannot explicitly associate a user with a public folder, the system displays an N/A under the Users column. Additionally, the image for R and/or W appears in blue for public folders and is grayed out for non-public folders.

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