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Subject: Integrating SynaMan with Apache mod_proxy
Creation date: 3/8/10 11:05 AM
Last modified on: 11/8/18 10:48 AM

Integrating SynaMan with Apache server

Apache HTTP server is the most widely used HTTP server in the market today. The following section describes how to integrate SynaMan with Apache's HTTP server


If you have an existing Apache server running and serving clients, the easiest way to expose the functionality of SynaMan is by using the built-in mod-proxy module, which acts as a reverse proxy. Clients on the Internet connect to your Apache server, which then forwards the request to SynaMan.

Configuration in Apache

These steps assume you are familiar with mod_proxy in Apache. If this assumption is incorrect, we strongly recommend you read this.

Additionally, the following example assumes:
  • You are running SynaMan on a machine where the IP address is
  • You want to map /SynaMan directory to SynaMan

Add the following lines in your httpd.conf file where other modules are getting loaded. It is quite possible you already have this line in your configuration file.

 LoadModule proxy_module modules/ 

Then, further down add the following section.
<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
    ProxyPass /synaman
    ProxyPassReverse /synaman
Once this is done any user on the Internet should be able to type:

to connect to SynaMan running on Note that your Apache server does not have to run on the same machine.

Configuration in SynaMan

No configuration is required in SynaMan if you decide to use /SynaMan as the sub-folder in Apache.

However, if you decide to use any other string as the sub-folder, for example:, you need to make the following changes in SynaMan.
  • Stop SynaMan if it is running
  • Using any text editor, open $INSTALLDIR/config/AppConfig.xml file
  • Add a new parameter called modProxyDirectoryName. Refer to the image below for the exact syntax.
  • Save the modified file
  • Restart SynaMan

User comments

Posted by Michael McCarn on 6/13/16 6:16 AM

With SynaMan 3.7 build 1463 I found that I needed to add a specific modProxyDirectoryName entry in config/AppConfig.xml entry even for an alias of "/synaman" (despite this page saying that this should not be necessary): &lt;parameter name="modProxyDirectoryName" type="1" value="/synaman"&gt;&lt;/parameter&gt;

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