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Document ID: 1263
Subject: Uploading files containing foreign (unicode) characters
Creation date: 2/12/10 11:48 AM
Last modified on: 11/8/18 11:11 AM

Uploading files with UNICODE file names

Often non-English speaking users specify non-ASCII characters in their file names. This requires proper encoding to be set on the machine where SynaMan is running.

Following steps demonstrate how to configure SynaMan to accept file names containing non-ASCII characters.

  • Stop SynaMan's service
  • Using Windows Explorer or the Terminal on Linux, go to the directory where SynaMan is installed.
  • Change directory to the config folder.
  • Look for a file called If this file does not exist, create a new one.
  • Add the following two lines in this file towards the end.


  • The above example assumes you are using Cp1252 encoding for your characters. Modify this value for your locale.
  • Save the file and restart SynaMan

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