Comparing SynaMan with others

The Following table show how SynaMan stack up with competing solutions .



SynaMan is a product rather than a service. This product gets installed on the machine where you want users to upload or download files.

Most competing solutions are offered as a service. The actual software runs on the service provider's machine and you connect to this service using your web browser.

Files on your machine stay where they are. They are only shared with individuals who you decide to grant access. No third-party ever gets involved.
Files are typically uploaded to the service provider's server and then are downloaded to the target machine. Although almost every company claim their privacy, there is always a chance someone may be looking at them.
One-time cost
Since it is a product, you pay for SynaMan once. If you are happy with the installed version, continue using it forever without spending a single dime.
Monthly payments
Companies typically offer a stripped down version of their service for free but charge a monthly fee for advanced features. These monthly payments can add up to a large amount in the long run.
No limits on users and file size
There is no limit on number of users or file sizes you transfer.
More features mean more money
Pricing for many competing services is based on the number of users or mega-bytes of data transferred. The more users you add, the more you pay.
No time limits
Since files stay on your machine, you can keep them for as long as you like and remove them at your convenience.

Time limits
Services on the Internet hold your file for a finite number of days. Since your files shares the same hard disk used by other clients, they cannot hold them indefinitely.
Available anytime, anywhere to anyone
Since SynaMan exposes files on your local disk, files are always available from a remote machine. Using admin rights you can even create new shared folders on demand.

Imagine you are attending an important meeting with a client and realize you forgot a required presentation on your office machine. Using SynaMan, you can easily download this file without disturbing anyone else.
Requires pre-planning
You must pre-plan and upload files you will need. If you need an important file in a business meeting and you don't have access to the host machine, you will probably ask someone in your office to upload it to the service you use.

The following images display the difference graphically.
SynaMan Competition


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