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Subject:Difference between AJAX and Enhanced browser
Creation date:2/10/12 11:44 AM
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AJAX vs Enhanced browser

Starting from version 3.0, SynaMan includes two types of remote browser:
  1. AJAX Browser
  2. Enhanced Browser
The following table lists differences between these browsers

AJAX Browser Enhanced Browser
Default browser that is available in Personal and Professional edition of SynaMan Only available in the Enterprise edition.
Uses JavaScripts on client's browser that communicates with the SynaMan in the background to pull information about files. Uses Java plugin and runs a Java Applet within a client browser
As long as JavaScript is enabled on the client's browser, SynaMan's web interface works without any special permission. User must allow the applet to run. A permission box is displayed to the user before the applet can run.
Upload one file at a time. Upload multiple files
When multiple files are downloaded, a zipped file is created on the server. User must extract this zipped file once download is complete. A zipped file is not created. Instead, selected files and folders are downloaded in the selected folder.
User can preview a file on the server but cannot modify Using the Quick Edit feature files can be modified on the server.

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Posted by Charity Ekeoma Uchegbu on 1/16/14 8:35 AM

A lot of thanks for your applications are very useful for both the beginners and the professionals, please keep it up.

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