Comparing SynaMan with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a tool for content management tool with capabilities to share files. SynaMan, on the other hand with a pure file-sharing solution. Although comparing them with each other is like apples and oranges, there are certain overlapping features in both solutions. This page describes the similarities and differences between them.

What is SharePoint

According to Microsoft, SharePoint is a tool for creating a website. Websites or portals created using SharePoint are typically used to collaborate ideas, workflows, and business processes among users within an organization. Besides creating documents, knowledge base articles, and other business-related artifacts, it also has the ability for users to share files among themselves.

What is SynaMan

SynaMan is a pure file-sharing tool. Users can send or receive files to friends, business colleagues, or clients with 100% privacy. No third party will ever see your files, and there are no limits on the number of files you transfer.

Comparison Table

Content Management Yes No. Users cannot create web pages.
File Sharing Typically done as part of a document. Files are independent. Users could upload or download files by browsing the File Explorer.
Privacy Can be installed on-premise or on Office 365 100% private, available on-premise only
Large Email Attachments No Yes
Operating System Windows Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X
Learning Curve Managed by MS certified engineers Anyone can do it.


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