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Subject:Changing the location for Temp folder in SynaMan
Creation date:1/9/19 9:08 AM
Last modified on:1/9/19 9:10 AM

Changing the location for Temp folder in SynaMan

When users try downloading a folder, SynaMan creates a zipped archive in the background and saves it a temp location. By default, this path is set to $INSTALL_DIR\tmpZipDir. Use the following method to move this to a different location:

  • Create/modify $INSTALL_DIR\config\ This is a plain text file
  • Add a new line towards the bottom that says:
    Notice the slash above is / and not \.
  • Save the file and restart SynaMan
  • Once SynaMan is up and running, go to http://localhost:6060/app?operation=sinfo. This page show advance system parameter. Search for synaman.tmpdir.4zipped.files. It should be referring to your new path.

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