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Document ID:5308
Subject:Additional User Information in Public Links
Creation date:8/14/19 2:35 PM
Last modified on:8/14/19 4:28 PM

Additional User Information in Public Links

With SynaMan 4.3 and above, this feature allows you to prompt the end-user to enter their name, email, and company name prior to upload or download, which will give you a better understanding of who actually downloaded or uploaded a file.

Enabling the Feature

To enable this feature follow these steps:

  • Log into the SynaMan admin console and navigate to the CONFIGURATION >> ADVANCED CONFIGURATION >> ADDITIONAL PARAMETERS page.
  • Check the box next to "Prompt for user information"

When a new public link is generated, the user will first be prompted to enter in their name, which will then be submitted to the report that get's generated whenever someone uploads or downloads a file. If the user selects the remember me option, it will no longer prompt that user for this information, and instead automatically include it.

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