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Subject:Moving SynaMan from to a different machine
Creation date:9/12/18 4:34 PM
Last modified on:11/8/18 10:55 AM

Moving SynaMan To A Different Machine

SynaMan is designed to store all of its configuration into plain text files. Therefore, moving it from one machine to another is just a matter of copying folders between machines.

Moving Between Similar OS Eg. Windows to Windows

The following steps demonstrate how to move SynaMan from, let's say, a Windows 2008 machine to a Windows 2016 machine.

  • Install SynaMan on the new machine
  • Stop SynaMan's service
  • Move data files from older machine to the new machine. For example, if you have a Virtual Folder called ImportantDocs referring to C:\ProjectDocs\ImportantDocs on the old machine, copy the contents of that folder to the new machine.

    It is highly recommended to retain the folder structure to avoid getting invalid path errors.
  • Move the contents of the following from from $INSTALL_DIR, which refers to the installation path of SynaMan. Note that every folder is optional besides the config folder.

    • $INSTALL_DIR\config - Contains configuration for SynaMan. This also contains licensing information.
    • $INSTALL_DIR\AttRepForSmtp - Contains attached files. This only exists if you're using the Embedded Smtp Server
    • $INSTALL_DIR\branding - Applicable if you have branded SynaMan
    • $INSTALL_DIR\FileComments - Contains comments associated with files
    • $INSTALL_DIR\htdocs\sslCert - Contains SSL certificate
  • Search for the older machines IP address and host name with files located in the $INSTALL_DIR\config folder. Replace every occurrence with the new value.
  • Restart SynaMan

Moving Between Different OS Eg. Windows to Linux

Since the file naming conventions a different between Windows and Linux, following steps are required.
  • Open $INSTALL_DIR\config\UserMappings.xml in any editor and modify the file paths. For example, if you had a virtual folder referring to C:\ProjectDocs\ImportantDocs on Windows, you may have to change this path to /home/john/ProjectDocs/ImportantDocs
  • $INSTALL_DIR\config\AppConfig.xml file contains the command to restart SynaMan. Therefore, before make a backup copy of this file before replacing the config folder. Once done, restore the contents containing following parameters
    • ntServiceCommand
    • jvmPath

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