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Login URL's

Use Cases

The login URL feature of SynaMan can be used to alleviate the need to create users or public links for anyone to access specific folders in your SynaMan. With this feature, anyone with the URL will be automatically logged in as a pre-specified user with access rights specified by your admin.

You can provide common files to download from a specific folder to anyone on the web without needing to create a user account

With public links, you are only sharing specified contents, with public URL's you can share entire folders that will always match the contents of that folder, regardless of when the URL was created.


We first need to create the user account that we plan on creating a Login URL for, or you can also choose a pre-existing user.

Once we have given this user the appropriate permissions we click on Login URL within the Manage Users page next to this user. From here, we choose how long this Public URL will exist for. Then you can use this link to automatically go to your SynaMan logged in as that specified user.

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