Creating a Hybrid Cloud With SynaMan

Did you know you could create a hybrid-cloud implementation with SynaMan and still maintain 100% privacy for your files?

You could install SynaMan on any virtual machine on the cloud and access files remotely. For example, you could install SynaMan on:

  • An EC2 instance on Amazon
  • A Virtual machine on Azure
  • Any other cloud provider such as Ionos, Vultr or any other

Let Synametrics Support Help You

We provide installation and configuration services absolutely free. Here is what we can do for your company:

  • You pick the cloud provider
  • Our support will install and configure SynaMan for you
  • Will explain how you could use and answer any questions you may have

Free Installation Service

Contact our support department to get free installation service for SynaMan to a virtual machine on any public cloud.


  • You get all the benefits of cloud, including scalability and reliability
  • Share files with business colleagues and partners with 100% privacy
  • Upload and download large files without limits, subject to rules and regulations imposed by your cloud provider
  • Send large attachments via emails
  • Map network drives over the Internet


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