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Subject: How to force users to change their passwords periodically in SynaMan
Creation date: 1/6/21 5:55 AM
Last modified on: 1/6/21 6:03 AM

Forcing Users to Change Their Passwords in SynaMan

Many companies require their users to change their passwords periodically. Use the following method to accomplish this task.

  • Stop SynaMan
  • Locate AppConfig.xml file in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder. $INSTALL_DIR refers to the folder where SynaMan is installed, which is usually C:\SynaMan on Windows and /opt/SynaMan on Linux
  • Open AppConfig.xml in any editor, such as Notepad
  • Search for pwdExpirationDays and set its value to the number of days you want the password to expire. For example, setting this to 90 days will enforce every user to change their password every 3 months.

    Following line display a modified version of this line:
    <parameter name="pwdExpirationDays" type="2" value="90"></parameter>
  • Save the file and restart SynaMan

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