March 11th, 2024, SynaMan Version 5.6 is released.

Millstone, NJ: Synametrics Technologies, a leading provider of innovative software solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of SynaMan 5.6, the latest version of its popular file-sharing software. Packed with powerful features and improvements, SynaMan 5.6 offers businesses and individuals an unparalleled file management experience.

SynaMan is an advanced on-premises software solution designed to streamline file sharing while maintaining 100% privacy for individuals and corporations. It provides a secure and affordable way to transfer files of any size across different operating systems. Operating entirely through a web interface, SynaMan eliminates the need for additional software, requiring only a browser for connection, management, and file sharing. Users can effortlessly include large files in emails without concerns about size limitations and boosting productivity and convenience.

It offers strong security features, including end-to-end encryption and single sign-on authentication, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access designated files and directories. Public links sent via email simplify file sharing with one-time users, while integration with existing systems like Active Directory streamlines user management, improving organizational efficiency. This on-premises approach empowers organizations to maintain compliance with privacy regulations and internal security policies, effectively minimizing the risks associated with data exposure or unauthorized access. SSL encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliance further ensure secure file transfers, providing users with peace of mind. An audit trail offers comprehensive visibility into file activities, promoting accountability. Administrators can effectively manage permissions and track user actions. SynaMan offers flexible deployment options, allowing users to host data on-premises or in a private cloud while implementing password protection for sensitive files. SynaMan provides a robust platform for secure and efficient file sharing, empowering users to maintain control and privacy over their data handling practices.

SynaMan excels among similar products due to its unmatched combination of privacy, user-friendliness, comprehensive features, scalability, integration capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. Its flexibility enables users to customize the software to their specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with diverse business processes. Additionally, its competitive pricing makes it an appealing option for businesses of all sizes, offering robust capabilities without exceeding budget constraints. The new version of SynaMan 5.6 is set to transform file sharing and ensure a seamless, productive, and secure user experience.

Key highlights of the new features include:

  • Introducing SynaMan Desktop App: A dedicated desktop application that provides users with a seamless and intuitive way to access and manage their files. The desktop app offers unique features, such as transferring multiple files, partial transfers, quick editing, and faster speed.

  • Accelerated Protocol: It significantly enhances file transfer speeds, improving productivity for users who frequently transfer large files. In addition to HTTP(S), SynaMan offers a custom file transfer protocol with several benefits, such as faster speed, built-in encryption, built-in compression, and the ability to resume failed transfers.

  • Home User?s File Management: Allows home users to set up SynaMan to delete older files automatically after a certain period. Users can now easily tidy up their home folders directly within SynaMan, making organizing files and managing storage space more straightforward.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: The latest update introduces crucial security enhancements, resolving issues such as CVE-2023-46589, CVE-2023-45648, CVE-2023-44487, CVE-2023-42795, and CVE-2023-42794. Synametrics Technologies reaffirms its dedication to providing the utmost security for SynaMan users.

  • Improved User Experience: SynaMan displays user quotas directly within the File Explorer window, giving users better visibility and control over their storage usage. Users can toggle selected files directly from the pop-up menu and easily navigate to the parent folder with a single click. Additionally, it allows you to move to the parent folder by clicking the ".." folder.

For more information about SynaMan and its features, please click here

About Synametrics Technologies:

Synametrics Technologies remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses and individuals. With the launch of SynaMan 5.6, we continue to uphold our commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and secure file management tools. SynaMan embodies our ethos of excellence, empowering users to optimize their workflows and achieve greater productivity. Synametrics Technologies remains at the forefront of technological advancement as we move forward, driven by our passion for simplifying complex tasks and enhancing user experiences.


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