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Subject:Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Creation date:8/31/09 11:16 AM
Last modified on:12/11/18 3:07 PM

Customizing keyboard shortcuts in WinSQL

Often it is easier and more convenient to use keyboard shortcuts rather than using mouse to perform common tasks. WinSQL Professional allows users to assign a keyboard shortcut to every menu-item that is available on the main menu.

For example, to run a query you can:
  1. Click on the Play button using your mouse
  2. Click Query/Execute on the main menu, OR
  3. Press ALT+X on the keyboard. This is the default keyboard shortcut assigned to execute queries

Modifying shortcuts

To modify any default shortcut, click Customize Shortcuts under the Tools menu (only available in WinSQL Professional). The following screen displays the items available in WinSQL's main menu in a tree control.

The above screen show the Execute menu-item under the Query menu is assigned ALT+X as a shortcut key. To change this value, simply press any other key that you would like. For example, if you want use F2 function key, press it on your keyboard while the desired menu item is selected on the screen.

WinSQL will display an error if the newly added shortcut is already assigned to some other menu item. In that case, you will have to use a different value.

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Posted by charles on 8/2/16 6:02 AM

Does the size of the chunk speed up the backup process? For example if you are backing up smaller files (10GB), is it better to reduce the chunk file size from 1TB to 1 GB?

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