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Subject: Using WinSQL without installer - raw files
Creation date: 5/25/10 9:24 AM
Last modified on: 5/25/10 9:27 AM

Using WinSQL without installer

The installer program for WinSQL provides a convenient package to install and use WinSQL on your machine. If for any reason the installer does not work, you can download the necessary files and use WinSQL without an installer.

Follow the steps below to download and use WinSQL without an installer.
  • First, download necessary files from
  • Extract the zip file into any folder of your choice. For example: C:\Software\WinSQL
  • Double click the shortcut or WinSQL.exe file to run it.

Runtime requirements

WinSQL is a self-sufficient program. It does not need any other program to run. It does not install any DLL in any other folder on your machine. This is the reason why you can run WinSQL by simply copying necessary files to a folder.

Optional steps

  • Create a shortcut for WinSQL.exe file on your Desktop
  • Associate file extensions for WinSQL by clicking Manage File Extensions under the File menu. This step is necessary if you want to use WinSQL scheduler.

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