Introducing Xeams 8.0

Millstone, NJ - Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has introduced the latest update of Xeams Version 8.0.

Xeams is a secure and powerful complete mail server for Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and other flavors of UNIX that supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. The email server features a powerful spam filtering engine that eliminates up to 99% of junk email upon installation amongst a variety of other useful features to make day to day communication more efficient and secure. The latest version of Xeams is comprised of a variety of upgrades, additions, and bug fixes to ensure satisfaction and success amongst all users.

Synametrics Technologies is proud to present Xeams Version 8.0. The newest version of Xeams includes the enhancement of end-to-end encryption to ensure a more secure means of communication. This update allows users to omit the encryption password if the recipient is local. In cases like this, the email can be decrypted with the users’ normal email password for their account in Xeams. In addition to that enhancement, temporary emails have also been upgraded. A DOT separator can now be used to create a temporary account. For more information on how to utilize this enhancement, please visit:

A new feature included in this upgrade is the addition of Email Broadcast. This feature allows users to send emails to every person in a company. The emails included in the broadcast can be created based on pre-existing templates that administrators have created. There is no limit on the amount of templates an administrator can create to ensure that messages can be pushed when necessary. To learn how to access this new feature, please visit:

In addition to the features mentioned above, other notable enhancements include:

·        Plugins are now available even for less than 50 users, allowing your users to use features like End-To-End Encryption and Mail Merge

·        The Email Import Wizard has been enhanced.

·        Bug Fix: Xeams takes up lot of CPU if a large email in HTML is received.

With Xeams, users can stop spam, viruses, hackers, and ransomware attacks all while ensuring communication remains private. Utilizing Xeams allows for the prevention of intellectual property leaks through customer-defined content filtering parameters. Using email reliably and securely while featuring state-of-the-art technology, Xeams makes it simple for administrators and management in your company to monitor any and all messages coming in or going out of your network. The implementation of end-to-end encryption also provides users and recipients security for their email and attachments from the second data is sent by the user until the moment it is opened by the recipient. Xeams ensures that no third party can read exchanged messages all while creating a safe and productive space for colleagues and businesses to communicate.

For more information on this update and the complete change log for Xeams, please visit:


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