Introducing WinSQL Version 17

MILLSTONE, NJ, USA, June 14, 2023 -- Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, is excited to announce the launch of WinSQL Version 17, the latest iteration of its flagship database management tool. This new release introduces a range of powerful features and enhancements that empower organizations to optimize their data management processes and elevate overall productivity.

WinSQL has long been acclaimed as a reliable and versatile solution for efficient database administration, offering users a user-friendly interface to manage various database systems effectively. With Version 17, Synametrics Technologies has further strengthened Win SQL's capabilities, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving database management landscape.

Key Features and Enhancements of WinSQL Version 17:

  • Quick Search: This feature in WinSQL allows users to search tables, views, and stored procedures quickly. It enhances efficiency and simplifies the navigation process within the application. To learn more about this feature, please click here.

  • Additional Special Comments: WinSQL Version 17 introduces the ability to save tab-delimited files and insert statements using special comments. This feature offers greater flexibility and customization options when exporting data from the database. To learn more about this feature, please click here.

  • Enhanced Fix-Length Export: The new version improves the fix-length export functionality, providing users with improved precision and accuracy when exporting data in fixed-length formats.

  • Conversion of CHAR FOR BIT DATA to String: Enables the conversion of CHAR FOR BIT DATA to string format when exporting data from DB2 databases. This capability enhances data interoperability and simplifies data processing workflows.

  • Enhanced Error Handling: Improve error handling mechanisms, enabling users to identify and address errors during database operations quickly.

  • Titles in CSV File Export: Users can now include titles when exporting data to CSV files. This addition allows for better organization and comprehension of exported data.

  • Assigning Primary Keys to Views: WinSQL Version 17 empowers users to assign primary keys to views, which is particularly useful when editing data through the Update Wizard. This enhancement further extends data management capabilities within the application.

  • Clean command line: Ability to specify a /clean as a command line argument, which ignores previously-stored sessions.

"We are delighted to unveil WinSQL Version 17, which brings an array of advanced features and enhancements to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers," said Arya Srinivas, product Manager of Synametrics Technologies. "WinSQL remains committed to providing organizations with a comprehensive and user-friendly database management solution that maximizes the value of their data. Version 17 is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction."

For more information about this update and the complete version history for WinSQL, please click here.

About Synametrics Technologies:

Synametrics Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions that streamline IT operations and enhance productivity. With a diverse product portfolio, including WinSQL, Syncrify, XEAMS, and SynaMan, the company empowers organizations to effectively manage their data, secure their systems, and automate critical tasks. Synametrics Technologies is committed to delivering innovative and reliable software solutions that drive business success.

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