Introducing Syncrify Version 4.8

Monroe, NJ - Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has release a major update of Syncrify Version 4.8.

Synametrics Technologies is now introducing an upgraded tool for detecting the ways in which a file has been backed up or restored. Syncrify Version 4.8 introduces a new Remote Copy feature in which the Syncrify Client can detect if a previously backed up file has been copied or moved to a different folder. Along with this, users are also granted permission to perform similar operation on the destination to avoid network traffic. The newest release allows for user to experience enhanced itools command for console based Syncrify Client. In addition to these new features, Version 4.8 has also fixed the bug of being unable to connect to AWS for cloud snapshots.

Syncrify is a private-cloud backup software allowing multiple customer machines to backup folders/files to a central repository within its own enterprise. The comprehensive, multi-platform data protection solution provides 100% security and allows customers to access their files from anywhere at any time. Syncrify also offers across-the-board folder synchronization and an incremental backup feature that intelligently recognizes small changes to larger projects, thereby making backup jobs run faster and more smoothly. Syncrify’s multi-tier backup software has the ability to transfer a modified part within a file, called a delta. By dividing a file into multiple blocks and computing checksum on both ends, Syncrify allows for users to transfer data in an efficient and secure manner. Geared toward a multi-user environment, Syncrify is well suited for situations where source and destination are far apart, like across the Internet. This program allows for files to be accessed from anywhere at any time using a web browser. Syncrify’s backup repository also allows for users to not only backup their data but also share files among colleagues while avoiding any third-party interruption.

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About Synametrics Technologies

Headquartered in Monroe, NJ, Synametrics Technologies has provided IT professionals and computer systems developers since 1997. Based on the success of their initial product offerings (WinSQL and DeltaCopy), the company continues to create and hone innovative products that help its customers get more from their computer applications, databases and infrastructure. To date, over one million users around the world have chosen Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs.


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