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Subject:How can I change the decimal separator from a dot to a comma?
Creation date:7/29/09 2:56 PM
Last modified on:12/11/18 3:24 PM


WinSQL does not format any values that you see in the result grid. Results are displayed as-is from the server. Therefore, all formatting must be done either through SQL queries by changing settings on the server, or using the configuration parameters in the ODBC driver.

One common problem faced by users in countries other than the United States is the formatting of decimal values. Many countries use a comma as a decimal separator instead of a dot, which is used in the US.

By default, Oracle expects a period (.) for the decimal character and a comma (,) for the thousands character. These values are often changed for localization and for some financial applications.

Run the following query to see the default settings on your server.


The value for NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS define which characters are used for decimal and thousand separators. Use the following query to change your session settings.


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Posted by Pascal on 1/21/20 3:32 PM

Very helpful

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