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Subject: List of ODBC drivers and vendors
Creation date: 7/29/09 3:26 PM
Last modified on: 12/12/18 10:36 AM


The following is a list of different vendors who supply ODBC drivers.

ProviderProduct or DriverSupported RDBMS
4D Inc. 4D ODBC Driver 4D Server
ACUCORP Inc. ODBC Driver for Vision Data Vision Data
AidAim Software Accuracer ODBC Driver, Easytable ODBC Driver Accuracer, Easytable
ANTs Software Inc. ANTs ODBC Driver ANTs Database Server
Applied Information Services UniAccess ODBC Server UniAccess for OS 2200
Arbutus Software Arbutus LegacyLink Flat files, VSAM, IMS, DB2
ASTA Technology Group ASTA ODBC Driver ASTA Server
Attunity Attunity Connect (server) Any ODBC compliant RDBMS
August Software Corp. ODBC Router Any ODBC compliant RDBMS
BASIS BASIS ODBC Driver, BBj Data Server Business BASIC
Biblioscape Biblioscape ODBC Driver Biblioscape Database
Birdstep Technologies Birdstep RDM ODBC Driver Birdstep RDM Server
Cincom Supra ODBC Driver Supra SQL
Connx Solutions CONNX CONNX
Data Direct Technologies Connect for ODBC Drivers Btrieve, Centura SQLBase, Clipper, DB2, dBASE, Excel, FoxPro, Informix, Oracle, Paradox, Pervasive SQL, Progress, SQL Server, Text, Sybase
DBMaker DBMaker JDBC-ODBC Bridge DBMaker
DDH Software HanDBase ODBC Driver HanDBase
Dharma Systems

Doric Computer Systems Info~ODBC CISAM, DISAM, ESRI ARC/INFO Coverages, INFO DBMS & 4G/L
EasySoft Easysoft Data Access CODE, Firebird, Interbase, ISAM, Linc, Oracle, RMS, Sybase, System Z, Tetra
Empress Software Inc. Empress ODBC driver Empress
ENEA Polyhedra ODBC Driver Polyhedra RDBMS
Envyr Corporation Interactive COBOL ODBC Driver ICOBOL Server, COBOL files
FairCom FairCom ODBC Driver c-tree Server, c-tree Plus
FileMaker Software FileMaker Pro ODBC Driver FileMaker
Firebird Project Firebird ODBC Driver Firebird, Interbase
FLEXquarters Software Design QODBC driver for Quickbooks Quickbooks
FrontBase, Inc. FrontBase ODBC driver FrontBase
Gupta Technologies ODBC Drivers for SQLBase, SQLHost/DB2 SQLBase, DB2
HiT Software, Inc.

IBM DB2 DB2 Connect DB2 for OS/390, DB2 for MVS/ESA, DB2/400, DB2 for VSE and VM, DB2 UDB (UNIX, Windows NT and OS/2 servers)
IBM Informix Informix Connect Driver IBM Informix OnLine Dynamic Server, SE
IBM ISeries iSeries Access DB2 UDB for iSeries
Inmagic, Inc. DB/Text ODBC Driver DB/TextWorks databases
InterSystems Corporation Cach? ODBC Driver, Cach? ODBC Server Cach?, DSM, ISM
ITTIA RDMi, RDMix Birdstep Raima Database Manager, RDM Embedded, Velocis, db_Vista
KB Systems, Inc. KB_SQL ODBC Driver KB_SQL
Liant Software Corporation Relativity VSAM, ISAM, Btrieve, RMS, Micro Focus COBOL files, RM/COBOL files
Marxmeier Software GmbH SQL/R ODBC HP Eloquence databases
Matisse Software Inc. Matisse ODBC driver Matisse
Microsoft Corp. ODBC Desktop Database Drivers, Microsoft SQL Server Driver SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Text, dBASE, Paradox, Access, FoxPro, Btrieve. DB2
Nexus Database Systems NexusDB ODBC driver NexusDB
Objectivity, Inc. Objectivity ODBC Driver Objectivity/DB
Ocelot Computer Services Ocelot ODBC Driver Ocelot SQL DBMS
OpenAccess Software OpenRDA ODBC, OpenAccess ODBC SDK Unix/OpenVMS ODBC driver for SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
OpenBase International OpenBase ODBC Driver OpenBase SQL
OpenLink Software Inc. Universal Data Access Driver Suite for ODBC DB2, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenLink Virtuoso, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Progress, Sybase
Oracle Corporation Oracle ODBC Driver, Rdb ODBC Driver Oracle, Rdb
PARKWAY Software GmbH ConnectWare Btrieve, C-ISAM, CA-Realia, D-ISAM, Micro Focus files, mbp, VSAM
Pervasive Software Btrieve, Pervasive SQL ODBC driver Pervasive SQL
Phoenix Systems, Inc. FUNDS ODBC Interface FUNDS System databases
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL ODBC driver PostgreSQL
POWERFlex Corp. POWERflex ODBC Driver PFXplus, Dataflex
Progress Software OpenEdge ODBC Driver OpenEdge RDBMS
R:BASE Technologies, Inc. Oterro ODBC Oterro Engine, R:BASE
Raining Data Corporation ODBC Client Driver D3 ODBC Server
Recital Corporation Recital ODBC Developer Recital, FoxPRO, clipper, dBase
RELEX Linter SQL ODBC driver RDBMS Linter SQL
Revelation Software Limited OI32 Linear Hash ODBC Driver OpenInsight
Sequiter Software CodeBase SQL Clipper, dBASE, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro
SoftVelocity TopSpeed ODBC Clarion TopSpeed databases
Software AG Adabas SQL Gateway Adabas
StarQuest StarSQL DB2 for z/OS (OS/390), DB2/400, DB2/UDB
Sybase Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server Anywhere Adaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server IQ
Tera Data Teradata ODBC Driver Teradata
ThinkSQL ThinkSQL ODBC driver ThinkSQL DBMS
TimesTen Software TimesTen ODBC TimesTen Server
Unity Enterprise Solutions Ltd. jdeDirect ODBC JD Edwards World and OneWorld data
XTG Systems Firebird ODBC Driver Firebird/Interbase

Free Drivers Bundled With WinSQL

Following drivers are included with WinSQL Professional for free. These drivers are published by Progress Software - DataDirect and licensed to be bundled with WinSQL Professional

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Spark SQL
  • DB2
  • Google BigQuery
  • Informix
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL Enterprise
  • OpenEdge
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake
  • MS SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Text Files

Third Publishers of ODBC Drivers

User comments

Posted by belmokhtar Nidhal on 5/27/19 6:49 AM

it does not support Hyperfile database.

Posted by Amyn on 2/19/10 10:15 AM

Simba also provides an SDK to build a custom ODBC driver - you can build a basic ODBC or JDBC driver in 5 days -

Posted by Erwin Marschalk on 8/28/18 3:09 PM

CA Technologies provides an ODBC driver for its mainframe databases CA-IDMS and CA-Datacomm

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