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Subject:Why do I lose connection to MySQL after some time?
Creation date:7/29/09 2:42 PM
Last modified on:7/29/09 2:42 PM


By default, MySQL server terminates a client connection after 28800 seconds of inactivity. Often database administrators change this value to a lower number. This results in a broken connection if the user does not submit any query for a long period of time.

Type the following query to see what the current setting is for this variable.

SHOW VARIABLES like 'interactive_timeout'

In addition to 'interactive_timeout', you might also want to check the value for 'wait_timeout. Refer to MySQL documentation for a detailed description of these parameters.

To set a new value for these parameters, you can use the SET command. For example:

SET interactive_timeout=32000

IMPORTANT: There is no configuration setting in WinSQL (the client) that automatically terminates a connection. Therefore, the only way to fix this problem is to change the configuration parameter on the server.

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