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Subject: Moving WinSQL from one machine to another
Creation date: 7/29/09 3:51 PM
Last modified on: 12/11/18 4:03 PM


Often users have to move an Installed version of WinSQL from one machine to another. The following steps applies to all editions of WinSQL.

  • Install WinSQL on your newer machine.
  • Run WinSQL on the older machine and click File/Open Data Folder on the main menu. This will spawn Windows Explorer in a particular folder called WinSQL Data Folder.
  • Copy the contents of the entire folder from your older machine to the similar folder on your newer machine. IMPORTANT: The location of this folder could be different on your newer machine, particularly if you are switching from Windows XP to Windows Vista. To ensure the correct path, start WinSQL and click File/Open Data Folder on your newer machine.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Do not run WinSQL on both machines simultaneously. This will result in an error. Therefore, after locating the path for WinSQL Data folder, exit WinSQL on the newer machine.
  • Either uninstall WinSQL on the older machine or change its serial number to WinSQL Lite. Changing the serial number will convert WinSQL Professional to WinSQL Lite on the older machine.
  • Exit WinSQL on your older machine and start it up on the newer one.

Creating DSNs on the newer machine

It is important that you keep the DNS names same on both machines. Historic information such as Query History and Catalog cache uses the DSN names to identify the connection. Therefore, if you keep the DSN names same on both machines, you will be able to migrate all history information from your older machine to the newer machine.

What about serial number registration?

The serial number for WinSQL is stored in WinSQL.conf file, which is part of the WinSQL Data Folder. Therefore, when you move files from your older machine to newer machine, registration information will also move along with it and you won't have to register it again.

One exception to this rule occurs when you are upgrading from an older version of WinSQL to a newer version. In such cases, you will have to re-register WinSQL on the newer machine since serial number on the older machine won't work with a newer version of WinSQL.

Click here to read more about WinSQL Data Folder.

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