Alternative to LogMeIn Backup

LogMeIn recently decided to end the life of their backup software. As a result, many companies are looking for an alternative solution. Syncrify is one of the best alternatives offering similar features that you are used to.

Conceptual Differences

Syncrify is very similar to LogMeIn Backup from a functional standpoint. However, there are a few concepts that are different in Syncrify and it is important you understand them.

  • Storage PC - You have to designate one computer that acts as the destination for your backup. This computer in Syncrify's terms is called the Syncrify Server.
  • Account Creation - Unlike LogMeIn, you do not have to create any accounts with Synametrics Technologies, Inc. in order to run your backups. Instead, you create accounts using the web interface of your Syncrify Server, which provides you a 100% on-premises private backup system. Synametrics will never know who is backing up nor we will ever know how much or what data is being backed up.
  • Source PC - You install Syncrify Client on machines that needs to be backed up. Syncrify Client will connect to Syncrify Server using a URL that can either be on the same LAN or across the Internet


LogMeIn Backup was based on a subscription model. Syncrify, on the other hand, has perpetual licensing. Refer to our pricing page for details.

Important Links

We recommend you visit the following links that will get you up and running in a few minutes:

  • Introduction Video - A short video demonstrating how to use Syncrify
  • Usage Scenarios - Different use case explaining what can you do with Syncrify.
  • Why Syncrify - Syncrify is quite different from other backup solutions. Read this to understand why.


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