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Subject:WinSQL runs as an invisible window - only appears in the task bar.
Creation date:7/29/09 5:06 PM
Last modified on:12/13/18 12:02 PM


Problem: WinSQL's window disappears from screen - you can see it running in the task bar.


This problem occurs when you switch from a two monitor to one monitor machine. WinSQL saves the location of the window before it exits. If that location does not exist next time you start WinSQL, it will draw itself outside the window boundary and will be hidden.

Steps to solve this problem

WinSQL saves every configuration parameter to a file. By resetting the coordinates in this file you can restore the location. Following steps show you how to modify this file
  • Using Windows Explorer go the following folder
    • On XP, 2000 & 2003 - c:\Documents And Settings\YourUserID\Application Data\WinSQL
    • On Vista, Windows 7 & 2008 - C:\Users\YourUserID\AppData\Roaming\WinSQL
  • Locate a file called WinSQL.conf and open it in any editor, like Notepad
  • Search for LastTop and LastLeft. Change their values to 0
  • Save the file and restart WinSQL

User comments

Posted by Nagaraja Aeturi on 11/14/16 9:39 AM

I am on Windows 7, and this info helped me to get back my WinSQL to normal mode

Posted by Jared Durer on 6/6/14 9:51 AM

One of our interns was just experiencing this same issue using version 9. These instructions worked perfectly!

Posted by Alex Shubert on 11/11/16 2:51 PM

Hello - I am having this issue but cannot locate the WinSQL.conf file on my computer. Is anyone aware if I need certain administrative rights to access/view/edit this file and where I might be able to find it? Thanks,

Posted by John Bumber on 7/13/10 11:20 AM

These steps did not restore the window to visibility. I am running Windows 7 64 bit but I found a way to fix it.

Posted by Dave on 3/10/11 11:01 AM

Hi, please note this still occurs at the release below. the solution worked above worked though. it could be that the issue is caused by the lastleft and lasttop being both negative as I have my 2nd monitor on the left of my display in some locations. version Info: WinSQL Version: Edition: Professional Dave

Posted by Wolfgang on 3/11/16 3:38 AM

I'm running Windows 10 x64 -> In my case i had to delete the WinSql.conf file located in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Synametrics Technologies\WinSQL

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