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Subject:Increasing connection limit in MySQL
Creation date:4/7/10 8:19 AM
Last modified on:4/7/10 8:36 AM

Connection limits in MySQL

Database connections in MySQL are limited to a finite number by default. You can see the existing connection limit through WinSQL. Refer to the image below.

MySQL Connection limit

Increasing this limit

There are two approaches to tackle this problem:
  • Modify User Limit
  • Modify Global Limits
User limits are typically specified when you first create a user. Consider the following SQL statement.
CREATE USER 'francis'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'frank';
GRANT ALL ON customer.* TO 'francis'@'localhost'

To change global connection settings, you can either modify the /etc/my.cnf file with the following line:

max_connections = 250

or, run the following query.
SET GLOBAL max_connections = 100

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