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Subject:What functions does WinSQL support?
Creation date:7/29/09 4:59 PM
Last modified on:7/29/09 4:59 PM


WinSQL supports every function that is supported by your back-end database. In addition, it also supports ODBC escape functions.

Example: Consider the following table:

FirstName CHAR(30)
LastName CHAR(30)
HireDate DATE

You need list all individuals who were hired on a Friday. The following query will return the desired result.

select FirstName, LastName
from employees.txt
where {fn DAYOFWEEK{HireDate)} = 6

For a complete list of supported functions, please refer to WinSQL User's Guide.

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Posted by Gosa Shiferaw on 3/17/11 2:03 PM

what database question and answer these question?

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