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Subject:Friendly IP Addresses in SynaMan and Syncrify
Creation date:9/15/20 9:45 AM
Last modified on:1/25/21 9:11 AM

Friendly IP Addresses

Since both SynaMan and Syncrify contain public facing HTTP servers, it has built-in mechanisms to proactively detect and block IP addresses that send invalid requests. These invalid requests are typically sent by malicious users to detect how the web server behaves.

Both SynaMan and Syncrify are designed to automatically block IP addresses. Once an IP gets blocked, no body from that IP address will be able to connect. Occasionally, you could get your own IP address blocked due to user error. Friendly IP addresses is a list of IP addresses that will never get blocked by SynaMan, even if unusual activity is detected.

Steps to Add Friendly IP Address

  • Using Windows File Manager or Terminal on Linux, open $INSTALL_DIR\config folder
  • Create a new file called:
  • Add one IP address per line in this file
  • Save
  • Edit FriendlyIP.txt located in the same folder and add each friendly IP address on an individual line

Note: You can also add comments to the IP addresses. This is achieved by adding a hastag (#) followed by the comment. Please note that the comment MUST be a separate line. For example, if you have an IP address on line 1, the comment must be on line 2. The next friendly IP address cannot be on line 2.

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