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Subject:Fetching database catalog - takes very long
Creation date:7/29/09 4:39 PM
Last modified on:12/12/18 10:14 AM


After establishing connection to the database, WinSQL tries to fetch the database catalog. On larger databases, with thousands of tables, this may take a very long time. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn this feature off. Following steps show you how to do that.

Version 6.5 or higher
Using cache is no longer a global option in version 6.5. You can enable or disable catalog fetching per connection.

  • Start WinSQL - Connection window is displayed
  • Un-check "Enable catalog caching"
  • Un-check "Load catalog after connection"
Note: If catalog caching is enabled, WinSQL will always load the catalog from the last saved cached value.
Version 6.0 or below
Enabling or disabling catalog fetching is a global option. This means if you disable it, WinSQL won't fetch the catalog for every connection.

  • Start WinSQL
  • Click the Cancel button in the connection window
  • Click Edit/Options on the main menu
  • Uncheck Fetch catalog after connection
  • Reconnect to you database

Refer to the image below, which is a screen shot of WinSQL version 6.5. Connection window for newer versions look similar.

Disadvantage of disabling catalog

Features that depend on the catalog won't work until the catalog is fetched. These features are:
  • Intelli-Tips
  • Drill down results

To decrease the amount of data returned in the catalog window, try specifying a particular schema/user in the catalog window.

User comments

Posted by MR on 2/14/18 12:34 PM

Please stop automatically fetching the catalog. It is useless for many of us. Give us the option to completely turn it off

Posted by Giridhar Alamuri on 3/23/17 11:08 AM

I have the lite version of the software (version number and there are no options on a generic ODBC driver for caching the catalog and it does not make a difference whether the "Fetch catalog asynchronously" is checked or not. It still downloads the catalog and the connections is slow.

Posted by Satya on 8/23/18 4:50 PM

Though I uncheck "load catalog after connection", winsql is trying fetch catalog. I have latest version as of today.

Posted by Satya on 8/23/18 4:52 PM

Though I uncheck "load catalog after connection", winsql is trying fetch catalog which is never expected. This is hanging winsql to use. I have latest version as of today. Does anyone know how to get this fixed ?

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