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Subject:What is ODBC registration and how do I register the ODBC drivers
Creation date:7/29/09 4:19 PM
Last modified on:12/14/18 11:09 AM

What do you mean by ODBC driver registration?

WinSQL comes with a set of ODBC drivers for some popular databases. However, before you can use these drivers they must be registered with your Windows Operating System.

WinSQL does not register these drivers automatically, giving you a choice of registering them or not.

Steps to register these drivers

  • Click Register ODBC Drivers under the Help menu in WinSQL
  • This will bring up the following screen.

Do I have to register these drivers?

No. You only need these drivers if you decide to use them to connect to any database.

Do NOT register these drivers if:
  • You are planning to use WinSQL Lite
  • You will be using a driver from your database provider

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