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Subject:WinSQL Standard runs in trial mode
Creation date:10/19/10 12:46 PM
Last modified on:5/5/19 9:48 AM

WinSQL Standard runs in Trial mode

Note: WinSQL Standard was previously called WinSQL Developer

Problem statement

You recently purchased WinSQL Standard, entered the serial number and restarted WinSQL. However, it is still running in Trial Mode.


This is normal. For the first 30 days, WinSQL always runs as if you are using WinSQL Professional. If you purchase WinSQL Professional before your trial period is over, it automatically ends the trial period. However, this trial period does not end when you purchase WinSQL Standard.

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After you register WinSQL Standard and restart the application, your screen looks like the image you see on the left.

This is done by design to give you a full 30 days of the trial period.


  • Option 1: Let it run in trial mode for the first 30 days. Once your trial period is over, WinSQL will convert to the Standard edition

  • Option 2: If for any reason you want to run WinSQL in Standard edition, you can use a command line argument to force it to run in Standard mode.

    c:\Program Files\Synametrics Technologies\WinSQL\WinSQL -skiptrial

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