Keeping your Email Server in Shape By detaching large files

Email databases tend to grow tremendously over time. This is caused by users sending and receiving large attachments without ever deleting the emails. As a result, it is very common for PST files (in case of MS Exchange) to grow in several gigabytes.

A smarter way to handle this situation is to use a system that can detach large files out of both inbound and outbound emails and save them in a separate folder allowing end-users from downloading the files through a web interface. There are several benefits of using such a system:

  • Keep your actual email server small
  • Ability to search and backup important files independently
  • Policy compliance by ensure important documents do not go out
  • Archive older attachments to a cold storage to save cost
  • Handle large attachments without getting rejected. There is no upper limit on file size. Users could attach even 10GB files in an email message

Internal Working

SynaMan contains a special SMTP server that can:

  • Sit in between the Internet and your actual email server, such as MS Exchange
  • No change is made to messages if they do not contain attachments OR their size is smaller than a preconfigured value
  • Attached files are removed and replaced by a URL allowing the recipients to download them
  • Administrators decide how long files are retained

Implementation Details

Following image shows a network diagram when SynaMan is in place. Every network is unique and therefore, SynaMan can be deployed into your network using several methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use any Outlook plugins?
No, and that is done by design. Plugins are usually available for a handful of email clients, such as MS Outlook, restricting users to a limited number of email clients. It does not matter how emails are composed. Users can use their mobile devices, web-based email or their favorite desktop client.
Is there any upper/lower limit on attachment size?
There is no upper limit. Lower limit is configurable.

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