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Document ID: 1906
Subject: Setting default schema in Oracle
Creation date: 11/30/11 9:56 AM
Last modified on: 11/30/11 10:09 AM

Setting default schema in Oracle

Often it is helpful to assign a value for default schema you want to use when connecting to Oracle. This can be accomplished by writing the following query:


It is a bit tedious if you have to do this repeatedly when connecting to Oracle. A better approach is to set this statement in the DSN that is used to connect to the back-end. The ODBC driver will automatically run the script right after connection is established.


You must be using WinSQL Oracle Wire Protocol driver for this to work


  • Start WinSQL
  • Click ODBC Mgr. button
  • Locate the DSN for Oracle, select it and click Configure... button
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Paste the SQL script to set default schema here. See image below

  • Click OK all the way

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